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Dear Polish Falcon Nest 79 Friend,                                                                             


Our Nest has been in existence for 103 years and has been active in western Wayne County.  The past several months have been difficult and trying as we have incurred unexpected building maintenance and repair costs.


Michigan is currently in the state of both financial and community crisis with the recent announcements of closing and cutbacks.  In an effort to strengthen community and civic engagement while maintaining our Polish Heritage, we are in dire need of your financial assistance.  We are asking all friends of Nest 79 to support this fundraising effort by contributing to this donation effort. 


The officers and board of directors have taken an active role in trying to reduce the expenses and increase income.  We need to bridge the gap between current expenses and future income.


We the members, understands it is very difficult to solicit donations at this time however, we are struggling to remain alive.  Your help is needed now as we can continue to revitalize our Polish Community and to benefit others.



Please make checks payable to Polish Falcons Nest 79 and send to:


Polish Falcons Nest 79 - Fundraiser

252 Scarlett Dr
Canton, Mi.  48187




Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.






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